Welcome in Casa Bom Dia

A unique guesthouse in the heart of Mindelo, São Vicente, island of Cape Verde, that offers a place like home, daily fresh local food and a healthy lifestyle.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you into our family and our home, all while offering a unique opportunity to get to know or deepdive into the keto lifestyle.

A place to call home

The rooftop terrace with outdoor kitchen, the breakfast/lunch/dinner area and the lounge area (with hammocks - o yeah!) are yours to unwind, cook, make plans, meet other guests, gaze at the stars … as if it were your own home. Need to get some work done? We’ve got desk space and excellent wifi at your disposal. 

Good to know:

  • Everything you see - from the kitchen to the table, the chairs, the art and the beds - is made by local craftsmen and artists. Our way to give back to the local community.

  • Our guesthouse is equipped with solar panels, converting the abundance of sunlight into green energy. 

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Not your ordinary guesthouse

Included in your stay

  • Keto breakfast

  • Outdoor kitchen

  • Large scenic rooftop

  • Office space

  • Excellent wifi

  • Some fun activities

  • Free airport pick-up

  • Bicycles, yoga mats, snorkeling sets, fishing line

  • Outdoor cinema

Customer reviews

Discover the hidden treasures of the island

Unlike some of the other islands on Cape Verde, São Vicente hasn’t been overrun by tourists yet. This offers a unique opportunity to discover the real Cape Verde. Because we want you to enjoy it as much as we do, we’ll share the best scenic walks, viewpoints, beaches and other things to do on this beautiful, sunny island.
Looking for some the best lunch or dinner spots? Ask us about our favorites during your stay with us.

A stay in Case Bom Dia will offer you a glimpse into our keto lifestyle and an opportunity to give it a try as well or expand your existing keto knowledge. Without any obligation of course. You’re on holiday after all.


  • Our mornings start with a healthy keto friendly breakfast at our communal table. 

  • For those of you who feel sporty, join us on our daily run, walk or ocean swim.

  • Want to immerse yourself in the local culture and buy some daily fresh ingredients for lunch or dinner while at it? Come along on our trips to the local fruit, vegetable or fish market. We’ll also show you the good supermarkets and some ‘hidden’ little shops not to be missed.

  • We love to get to know our guests better and spend some time together. So why not join us for a drink under the stars ,enjoy an afternoon coffee or tea in our lounge area, or watch a movie in our outdoor cinema. The choice is yours. We can’t wait to meet you.