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Experience the keto lifestyle at Casa Bom Dia

At Casa Bom Dia we share our keto lifestyle with our guests, without any obligation whatsoever. If keto is new to you, we can ease you in at your own pace. If you’re already living the keto life, we can help you optimize it. 
Just want to enjoy your holiday without all the keto stuff? That is absolutely fine as well. We’ll be as happy to host you.

Our approach

We’ll start the morning with an extensive and healthy local breakfast. An energy booster, trust us.

If you like you can join us for a run or walk to the beach, topped off with a morning or afternoon swim and some exercise in the outdoor beach gym.

Lunch and dinner are not included. However, we can advice and guide you about what to eat if you’d like to start with or optimize your keto lifestyle. As a nice little extra you can join us on our trips to the daily fresh vegetable and fish market to stock up on ingredients.

Need some recipe inspiration? Ask us. We’re happy to share the ones we love. 

A day in keto life

Planning to immerse yourself in the keto lifestyle at Casa Bom Dia? This is what your day could look like.

Keto breakfast


Boost your day
A large healthy breakfast sets you off for an energizing day. Are you intermittent fasting? No worries.

We’ll serve lunch instead. Just let us know upfront of your stay.

A fit body

Join us for an early morning run or walk to the beach.

Top it off with some ocean swimming and some exercise at the beach gym.

A sun booster


Soak up some vitamin D.

Mindelo is sunny and warm every day and all day long which makes it easy to replenish on
vitamin D. Just spend some time on Laghina beach, stroll around Mindelo or spend some time
on our rooftop terrace.

Oxygen room - terrace.jpg
No nutritional stress


Our outdoor kitchen is at your disposal.

It’s fully equipped with a stove, oven, pots and pans and kitchen utensils to prepare your own healthy lunch or dinner. Eating out? We can share some keto-friendly tips.

outdoor kitchen
Keto workshops


Personalized workshops and cooking classes

No matter where you are in your keto journey, we can offer personal coaching, inspiration and advice, every step of the way.

Deep sleep


Maximize your sleep

Our high-quality mattrasses, abundance of pillows, Egyptian cotton sheets and cooling fan will make you sleep like a rose.

Energy room - details of the pillows
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