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Meet the host

Hi, I am Christophe. I have been living more than three years in Mindelo and love the vibes and overall lifestyle here.


I am a student of life, keto coach, entrepreneur, hero in my own health adventure and always looking for more happiness and freedom.


I am addicted to morning swims, coffee and the energy of the sun.

I speak fluently Dutch, French, English, German and am still learning and improving my Portuguese and Creole language.


The lifestyle

We love to eat.
We love to move.
We love to travel.
We love to share.
We love to discover.
We love to live a healthy and energetic life.
We love to help you discover this morabeza island.

Our Small Helpers

Mateo & Timo

Mateo (2010)  is a curious and sensitive boy. He’s an inventor and a maker. Watch out because before you know it he’ll take you through his full collection of homemade coasters, houses built with ice cream sticks, bracelets, birds houses and ukuleles. He loves iogurto caisero

 with doce de papaya and is 100% convinced you’ll like it too.

Timo (2013) is the most joyfull and cutest member of the family. Back in Belgium he was a bit shy but since his move to Cape Verde he’s become a chatty little guy. It only took him 6 months to learn Portugese and Creole. You can wake him up for tuna fish and steak. And dark chocolate too please.



Bronk (2020) is definitely the family’s darling. We took him in, after he had been abandoned as a puppy. In the meantime he has become a grown-up sweet, playful and well-behaved dog who
loves to meet and be around people.

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