Early morning run or walk to Laginha beach

Each morning you can join us on our run or walk to Laghina beach. Our route will take you via

the Avenida Marginal, a popular street that runs alongside the ocean. The Avenida takes you from the Replica of the Torre De Belém all the way to Laghina beach and passes the Centro Cultural, the yacht club, the Mansa Floating Studio and the port. Definitely worth coming here in the evenings as well for a little stroll.

Every morning locals use the beach, sand and a happy mood as their natural outside fitness space. Come and joy us to explore the sunrise and see how people stay healthy at every age.

You will join Christophe pretty early - around 06.00 - 06.45 - and walk or run to the beach. There you can, swim, chill or fitness.

Just inform us the evening before when you want to wake up!

From a break from the city, if ever a break is needed, we recommend the nearby city beach called Praia da Laginha. It is well-situated beyond the Porto Grande and is considered one of the prettiest of the world. The bay creates a flat calm sea, safe for swimmers.